Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fricken earthquakes, man.

So, the earthquake hit us in Virginia and I didn't even feel it! I was with my friend and we were driving when it happened but neither of us felt it.
I mean, even in the car, we should have felt it! Or at least seen some commotion or something but nothing. My mom felt it at work and she's only a half hour away! My other friends felt it and they were literally 3 minutes from where we were. ._.

It's just weird cause I feel like we should have felt a 5.8 earthquake even when driving.

Like, the fuck?

And they cancelled the first day of school ( which was supposed to be today) because of it. :O I'm definitely not complaining about that, though! XD

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  1. Lol you're acting just the way my mom did when we found out! She was mad she didn't feel the quake lol. We felt it in Maryland too... just not me and my mother I guess :P

    Also.... long time no see!!!