Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Need A Doctor

This video is genius! Dr. Dre got buff. ._. He's like buff like 50 Cent now, like woah. >.> But this video is touching and gives me nostalgia of Eminem's older albums. At the end, Dr. Dre visited Eazy E's grave, it was super sad. :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh, hey. :]

Today was a very good day. My history teacher made a reference to South Park and I almost died. See, before the semester started, I heard a quite a few people saying that the history teacher I was going to have was a HUGE douche lord. So, I began dreading that class. On the day of the new semester I was expecting the worst when I walked into that classroom for the first time. But as it turns out, he's not so bad. He actually seems pretty cool. I mean, he quoted a line from Team America and I had almost died. Not many people have seen Team America but it's an awesome movie, kinda stupid but funny, nonetheless. It's hard to find someone that's actually seen it and knows of it's awesomeness.

Anyways, sometimes in class when explaining some historical event, he'd throw in a South Park line. Today, he was like "It's a Jersey thing.", and I almost died, once again because that's one of my favorite South Park episodes that he just quoted. So, I liked today and I'm happy I have no raging douche lord teachers this semester. :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Grammys!

I loved it! Ok, it was like super weird when Lady Gaga was in an egg. But when she performed she was actually wearing something normal. I was expecting her to wear something weird and crazy, lol. I liked her performance, though. I don't really like Born This Way but I did like her performance of it (weird right?). Nicki Minaj's outfit was REALLY REALLY weird but I liked it. Twas creative but her hair was like wow. >.>

I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED Bruno Mars's performance. I love Grenade and how he sang it on the show reminded me so much of MJ. It sounded so much like a Jackson 5 song, the way it was sung. Bruno Mars seriously has to be getting lots of ass for his awesome voice. Justin Bieber's performance was alright. I loved his shoes. I really must say, Justin Bieber wears awesome shoes for being Bieber. Jaden Smith is so cute, omg!! I love him and I love Will Smith! They're both so adorable!! xD

Oh, and Lady Gaga when she accepted her first award she had like a dominatrix like outfit going on. xD

I absolutely loved Rihanna's performance with Eminem on Love The Way You Lie Part 2. Her voice sounded perfect! Eminem was fucking awesome as usual!! Omg, then when Eminem and Dr. Dre performed I Need A Doctor, I almost self destructed. I loved that performance so much and it's been so long since Eminem has performed with Dre. It reminded me of when they used to always perform together like 8 to 10 years ago! Eminem is seriously getting old. He's almost 40! ;_;

Eminem won Best Rap Album!!! I loled cause he had like a way serious face. But then again, Eminem always puts on a srs face. xD I liked Rihanna's performance with Drake even though, I strongly dislike Drake. xD But I bet like 3 bucks that he had a stiffy during that performance.

Then comes Album Of The Year. Of course, I was hoping Eminem to win but I was assuming that Gaga would most likely win. Then to my surprise Arcade Fire won... I've never even heard of them before. Jeez, why them, yo. ;_; Well, overall, I liked the show. ;D