Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nyan Cat Itouch App= more addicting than crack

This. Game. Is. Like Crack. You can't stop playing, even if you want to. It's the simplest yet most addicting game I've ever played. XD And there's these 2 powerups that are awesome.

The first is a red and white pill. If Nyan Cat picks it up, it gets all cracked out like it's on Ecstasy or LSD or something. It's eyes like bug out and rave music plays while it's like flying through space super fast and and the screen flashes. XD
Like so:

Notice the giant hallucination of Nyan Cat in the background. XD

The second is a joint. After Nyan Cat picks it up, it grows dreads and it starts flying all slow and the screen gets all wavy and pulsing.
Top left. XD

Stoner Nyan Cat! Lmfao, I love this game. XD

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I. Am. So happy.

Omg. So, I ordered a DBSK poster. If you don't know them, they're these guys right hurr:

You can click for a larger view. Jaejoong (dude in the middle), Changmin (dude under the #2), and Yunho (dude under #3) are my favorites. :3
Anyways, I ordered the poster and it was being shipped from South Korea and it was supposed to come in November BUT IT CAME TODAY. I WAS SO EXCITED. It was like a month early!

The poster looked like this:

They're Yunho and Changmin. The other 3 aren't there cause they split. D:
And on the tube it came in, there was the little customs sticker that was like written in Hangul and it's awesome. I'm keeping it. XD

Anyways, hot Korean guys on my wall= Happy. Very. VERY. Happy firestar.