Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What. Is. THIS?!?!

My sim got these moodlets after woohooing and I am just shocked. These are so horny! Are these from one of Twallan's mods or is it actually from the game?!


  1. What is this FUCKERY?

    Must have! LOL

    It would really surprise me if it was in fact EA's doing. Holy hell 0_0

  2. Lol, I'm 99% sure that came with one of Twallan's mods. If you have the woohooer mod, it comes with a couple extra moodlets like that.

  3. Told ya, Johnneh. ;D
    At first, I did think it was EA but then I thought, nah, they're not awesome enough to do that. XD
    And yes, I do have the Woohooer. I love these moodlets! XD

  4. That's just hilarious. Especially the second one!

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